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Bringing Prosperity In A Family By Creating Earning Member.

Swarozgar Foundation

Swarozgar Foundation is an NGO with head office situated at foothills of Himalayas in Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand. 

The mission is working in the field of encouraging self employment among youth due to extreme shortage of employment in the market, specially for poor and uneducated people.

By creating a self employed person our aim is to bring prosperity not only to him but to his whole family that will help the entire society at large.

It is rightly being said that ” Poverty is a curse ( गरीबी एक अभिशाप है ) ” and We are on a mission to fight against poverty which is the biggest curse in our country by promoting earning through self employment ways for unemployed, poor and uneducated people in our country, apart from other social works.

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Swarozgar Foundation’s vision is to create a society where livelihood of people is not just dependent on jobs in government or private sector but there should be awareness about self employment too. 


Keeping our vision in mind Swarozgar foundation is working on a mission to empower people fight against poverty in an effective way through promoting self employment earning among people who are unemployed, poor or uneducated.


We believe that people may be poor or illiterate but if they possess some self employment skills then they can change life of not only themselves but also of dependent family members which will bring prosperity in society at large.

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Our Team

The members of Swarozgar Foundation are eminent people of society who have taken the mission to eradicate poverty from society by creating self employed people and support them in every walk of life. 

Our team consists of Educationalists, Social Workers, Subject Experts, Retired government officials and young  dynamic and dedicated team of professionals.

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