Our Work

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Our Work

From identifying ideas of self employment , training people with the desired skill , supporting them financilly to get started and providing the technical support to successfully reap the benefits we do it all.

swarozgar foundation

“ Getting associated with Swarazgar foundation has changed my life”

I am a graduate who was searching for jobs and preparing for exams, couples of years had passed me in the same. I was very depressed as to what will i be doing for living. Swarazgar foundation helped me by proving me training in retail business, now i am selling products online and earning money.
naveen bhatt

Skill Development

Skill development is the key to inclusive growth for India. Skill development is critical from both socio economic as well as demographic point of view.

India is a country of young people which forms its workforce but 80% of this workforce does not possess any kind of marketable or livelihood earning skills. This fact is a stark reminder that India’s demographic dividend can rapidly convert in to a demographic nightmare if self employment skills are not imparted to its people because everyone will not get job.

Swarozgar Foundation is working delicately to address this problem by providing self employment skill training through a team of industry experts as mentors who help us in conducting these training programs.

self employment

Financial Support

One of the biggest challenge faced by skilled people while planing to start self employment  is finance. 

with support from various patrons and doners the second thing that swarozgar foundation do is to provide financial support of the person who is willing to start with his self employment skill as we believe that when he will start he will also be creating employment for others. Which according to our vision is better for society and country at large. 


Technical Support

Providing technical support in terms of project planning, project estimation, raw material sources, equipment support,  infrastructure support as well as marketing and sales support is what our members provide free of cost to people starting in their self employment venture. These people who provide this support are industry experts or people who are already working in the same line. This support is definately needed to have a successful self employment journey.


Other Social Work We Do

Not only self employent but Swarozgar foundation is in forefront working on the variety of tother social couses for the betterment of society. We have taken many intiatives and done many drives for child education, envieronment protection, community senitizattion, care for elderly, supports for farmers, free distribution of equipments, cloths , blankets for poor and needy. 


Support in Our Mission