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" I really appreciate this team which is really working on the route cause of many problems which is unemployment by promoting self employment "
sumant joshi
Sales Professional


CSR projects with Swarozgar

Corporates have always been forefront in the development of economy and comunity and we recognize the contribution being done by corporate in generating employment for the country and bringing prosperity in life of families of their employees. 

We are working on the same mission of bring prosperity in the family and society by creating self employed earning persons. For the same we are running variety of projects and appel you to be part of them through your CSR initiatives.

Corporates can be part of our projects by the following ways.

Being Training Partners : You as a company could extend your expertise support by provide training in repairing maintainence of products and appliances that you manugacture. Like AC repair work, Electrical Repair Work, Motor Vehical repair training and other technical thengs so that an unemployed person could earn his living by repairing your products.

Sponsoring & Co-Branding Campaigns : Our various drives can be more successiful and effective if you could sponsor our projects  through much needed funding.

Employee Contribution : You can encourage your employees to contribute through Payroll to swarozgar foundation for the various social work projects that we do on regular basis for poor and needy like help during some disaster, Free food distribution, Cloth or blanket distribution, Books distribution, Tool Kit and Equipment distribution for self employment work etc.

Product and Services Contribution : If you are a manufacturer , Seller, Wholeseller of some products you can contribute in charity to our foundation. You could donate your new product or your unsold product / dead inventory to us, which will surely be of great value to the needy. Like sewing maching, Tool Kits, computer , printers, LCD, AC , Furniture, Equipment or transport vehicles for our logistic supports.

Donation Boxes : You could be a partner with us in our mission by allowing us to place donation boxes at your counters if you own chain of hotels / stores / Branch Offices etc.


Swarozgar Foundation is working with institutes,  schools, colleges, civil societies, social workers and prominent personalities for various campaigns. Every one is contributing there best with us as a team for the mission that we have taken.

If you are also willing to be part of our vision do connect with us or write to us at

  • As an institute, school, collage you can help by allowing us to use you premises for our various drives at your convenient time.
  • You can also reach out to us for campaign based collection drives for variety of causes like food, cloth, blanket distribution etc.
  • If you happen to be school , institute interested in partnering with us for self employment training please call or mail to us at
  • Schools and colleges can encourage their students for internship at Swarozgar Foundation
  • You can organize book fair for Goonj in your institution.
  • Invite us in you institute, college, society or village to conduct awareness programs on Swarozgar ( Self Employment ).
  • You can help us run a donation drive in your school, collage, institute , society.


Swarozgar Foundation welcomes eminent personalities, social influencers and experts in the field of self employment initiatives to be a member of our Swarozgar Foundation. We always need people like you to work towards our mission.

You can contribute by marketing our initiatives,  fund raising , networking and by becoming training mentors and program guides and in many more ways.

Please do connect with us or write a mail to us at